Web App Portal Development Services Company in Nagpur : Web App/Portal Development Agency in Nagpur
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Web Application Development in Nagpur

Web Applications are very effective tools in term of productivity and functionality. These applications have a number of advantages in the web. Being proficient and capable in Web Application Architecture, we develop valuable & interactive web Applications which are built from initial stage and finally turned out to better by smart server-side scripting, multiple database structures, healthy algorithms and interaction with client side scripting via HTML5, CSS and jQuery.


Web Applications are powerful productivity & functionality tools that utilize the accessibility advantage of the web. Being proficient in Web Application architecture, we develop feature-rich, interactive Web Applications that are built from ground up & brought to life by smart server-side scripting, intricate database structures, robust algorithms and interactive client-side scripting via HTML5, Ajax and jQuery. Web applications commonly use a combination of server-side script (ASP, PHP, etc) and client-side script (HTML, Javascript, etc.) to develop the application. The client-side script deals with the presentation of the information while the server-side script deals with all the hard stuff like storing and retrieving the information.

Web App/Portal Development company in nagpur


In this stage, Prevoyance Infotech team interacts with the clients and figure out the complete business process of applications. We deeply understand the concept of client and then put efforts in business operations to provide our client exclusive product. For all this, we figure out users roles, their functionalities and existing system.


Proper Planning is to decide how to make the project successful with perfection. So for this we lay our work structure, each member of the team is assigned with tasks that ensure smooth movement of the project. We emphasis on providing a quality product so we plan the interface, modules, technologies based on the data.

Web App/Portal Development Agency in nagpur


The user interface is general to make the interaction between the user and machine make project working smooth & effortless. We focus on maximising the user experience as they are the one who is going to use web applications. We usually spend most of our time for designing user interface so that we can make complex applications into simple.

We are designing most of the web application pages with the real field, grids, buttons etc. You can easily understand the workflow of the application before we write even one line of code. We ensure that the web applications we design are training free system and which satisfies our employee. We make changes and modification until our client becomes fully satisfied.


Software engineering is modelling of applications. This deals with design, development & maintenance of software. This will contain the database design, entity-relationship model, flow charts and documents.

  • Database design involves the design of tables, fields, relation between tables.
  • ER model is a data model which describes information about business process & its requirements.
  • Flowchart represents workflow in steps.

These all tools help the programmer to understand each function ensured consistency and smooth flow.


Programming is stepped wise instructions which direct computer to do task what we want it to do. So this is the phase where web applications are made functional. We in this phase ensure that our program functions as per client expectations.

We use latest technologies in programming to ensure complete compatibility with today’s developing technological systems. We ensure security, scalability & presentation. We also do unit testing & code debugging in this phase.


After coding, we perform Software testing which ensure to meet the requirements that were guided for its design and development. We identify issues and resolve them. We also look forward to detecting bugs in this process. Here are some of the effective testing processes that help in development of an error-free application are:

  • Integration Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Scalability Testing
  • Page Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Cross-browser Compatibility Testing

Both manual and automated tests are done in this phase. Test results are checked and modifications are done. Testing continues till all the bugs are fixed.


After we are sure that the application passes all validations and checks, we host the application on the server from where users can access the application.

Our team provides training to employees to tell how they can use the system easily.Hosting server is selected based on application’s functionalities and original users. We provide the best server which will provide good technical support. We have many hosting plans from low-end shared hosting to high-end dedicated servers.


We at Prevoyance Infotech provide frequent updates so that application remains bug-free. We provide maintenance, improvements & updating on regular basis. Our applicants are given best maintenance & support. Additional features and functions can be added if needs.