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Product Development



Product Development is the main stem of the Prevoyance Tech. It stands for Production Technology Hub. Prevoyance Tech Product development provides services and solutions for product implementation on different stages of business. Our lifecycle of product development goes from conceptual ideation to strong build up.

Market structure is changing with fastly way and competitive business demands high integrity software product to beat the competition. A perfect product help to enhance your business in marketplace, provide quality services to customers and maintain your superiority in the race of competitors.



With the touch of product development, an establishment the fresh and unique product for the benefit of end users. Our services in it relate to both builds of 100% new product and modification to an existing product. In the market, new defined need of customers and slot of that clients may be targeting by these changes.

A product describes the collection of its advantages that can be either real such as physical things and unreal such as services or experience. When we develop new product than process goes into two-way activities. One is full focus on market research and analysis and other creating ideas and design, depth of programming. So product development is a complete package of your business, by this client can make his prominent place in running trend market.

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    Business Analysis

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    Technical Implementation



At this phase, Product comes into existence in development. All aspects of product creation work out according to survey and research. Before launching all features are studied in terms of the legal and practical look of development. All issues of patent investigate to prevent later violate issues. Recognise the pointed market, product features, possible profit and client feedback to the product are crucial points of marketing. Beta testing is the final testing of the complete product which will give green signal to launch the product at the relevant time period.


Now it is time to administrate a business analysis to assess the potential of product profitability after all strategy of marketing are considered. By the help of this stage, can be measured the sales price on competitor analysis results based. It is also important to do effort on sales volumes based on market size and appropriate tools.

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At this stage, Our technical experts will set up the quality management system. In this system, they will solve the need of resource, engineering plan operations and develop a schedule of different department. For keeping record technical communication and its need can be published. For a regular review of the product, the proper system should also be drawn up for risk modification.