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Marketing Services

Every business is unique and so are its marketing needs. At Prevoyance Infotech, our Digita and internet marketing experts can strategize plans that are unique to every business to promote your services or products online on search engines, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing and other prominent internet platforms like directories, blogs, and forums.

We use widely implemented online and digital marketing services for our high end customerss

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Online Marketing


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, the ever-evolving quest to attain top search engine rankings. Heightened online visibility, lion’s share of relevant traffic, and a brand building which works on autopilot. These and other related features come as a natural byproduct for those with an established presence in top 10 Search Engine listings. However, with competition getting increasingly stiff online these days, it takes a bit more than getting to the top 10. Due consideration must also be given to factors such as Conversion optimization, user behavior analysis, and establishing a much wider presence online.

What then is the role of conventional, white-hat SEO under the prevalent circumstances? An ideal SEO strategy should be an all-inclusive, customer focused approach. It should evolve and adjust as per the prospects, their online behavior, and make a website’s presence felt in places that matters most.

Get Your Business On Top Page of Search Engine

  • Per Click Management (PPC)

Imagine a scenario where you are able to promote your product or service to a set of target audience residing only in one particular city, state or nation, You decide how much you would like to spend as advertisement cost, and pay only when someone clicks on your ads. Additionally, you are able to track every possible data about your Ad campaign performance to further refine it.

leave all the technicalities and monitoring for us to manage. Your prospects are out there searching for product or services, so get ready to experience immediate results today.

Pay Per Click or Sponsored Listing. We design a PPC campaign starting with geographic targeting, network targeting and keyword clusters that help define campaigns and ad groups. We then submit keywords, ads, bids, and landing page URLs to search engines within defined campaign structure to get lowest cost per action. We provide ongoing PPC management services to track and monitor the effectiveness of our clients’ campaigns. Our specialized team of PPC experts is methodical in approach and in action that helps deliver large volumes of highly qualified visitors to your website.

  • Business Analysis
  • Goal assessment
  • Geographical Research
  • Targeted Advertisement
  • Keyword Bunching
  • Associating keywords with Ads
  • Budget Capping
  • Intensive Analysis of campaign through client center as well as Analytics for getting the best Return on Investment (ROI)

PPC is also a great marketing tactic for companies wishing to realize short-term results with a fixed budget. PPC can augment a product launch, create hype around an event, and even move prospects through a long sales cycle. PPC ads can focus on inexpensive keywords, while organic SEO can optimize around costly terms – balancing online marketing budgets.

Our pay per click bid management services are customized for all the search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.


  • Higher ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Lower CPA’s (Cost per Acquisition)
  • Bid Management and Tracking
  • Customized Reporting

Social Media Management (SMM)

We offer a Social Media Optimization (SMO) services designed to help companies leverage the power of sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and many others.

We understand that the goal of any business is to perform and create maximum value in terms of new clientele/customers, visibility, exposure, satisfied client base, and turn over. Hence, our approach to Social Media Marketing is an effective process methodology that we have defined and refined into a solid mechanism from the initial analysis to achieving the desired objectives.

For clients interested in establishing a presence on social media sites, In order to ensure that the campaign is working effectively, our team monitors conversations, feedback, replies and comments related to the company/brand. We monitor traffic flowing to your website from social media channels via Google Analytics.

Search Engine Marketing

Looking to market your product or services online with immediacy? Search Engine Marketing and its all-encompassing strategies can deliver the results. Whereas SEO serves as the long-term and cost effective method of refining the HTML coding and link-building strategies, SEM goes a step further.

In addition to SEO, Search Engine Marketing employs space buying, paid inclusion, paid placement and other related marketing techniques that grab prospect’s attention immediately. Although comparatively expensive, a precisely drawn-out SEM strategy can generate new clients or sales much quicker. Online Entrepreneurs either use it as part of their SEO strategy, or employ at a later stage of the campaign to generate even more business.


If Search Engine Marketing services is what you are looking for, consider your search end at avenues consult. We would be glad to design a SEM strategy for your business that gives the best of both worlds- the immediate results as well as the long term planning.




  • Run SMS Marketing Campaigns
  • Send Promotions SMS
  • Send Announcements SMS
  • Send SMS Reminders to your Client
  • Send SMS Greetings
  • Send SMS Alerts
  • Send SMS Notifications
  • Polling SMS
  • Discount Code Distribution & much more


Email Marketing, like any other marketing strategies, must be analyzed for measurable results. At avenues consult, the seasoned Internet Marketing Company India, we enjoy a proven track record of carrying out successful email marketing campaigns. To ensure transparency and accountability, clients are kept abreast with real time access to reports, click through rate, conversion ratio and the overall performance tracking.

Be it announcing the launch of your new product, judging the market receptivity for a new service or making an up sell- Email marketing emerges as a viable option for all.